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Event Summary

Gaylord Convention Center
2800 Opryland Drive
Nashville, TN 37214

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What is a Photo Op?

Take a second, smile with the celebrity guest(s) and carry this memory home with an instantly printed 8” x 10” professional photo! Please understand this is a very quick process. We must keep the line moving to ensure we stay on schedule and everyone gets their picture.


What is a Group?

A photo op is divided up into Groups A, B, C, D  with slightly different time frames. This is to avoid as much wait time as possible.


I purchased my tickets online, where do I go onsite?

All tickets purchased online will receive a QR code to redeem at Photo Op Sales and Redemption once onsite at the event. This can be done any time before the scheduled time of the photo op. If you have more than one photo op, these may be redeemed at the same time. Please treat the voucher(s) like cash. We are not able to replace any lost or stolen photo op vouchers. Unfortunately, we do NOT refund if the photo is missed.


I forgot to purchase a photo op, is it too late?

No worries! Head over to Sales to see what is still available onsite.


I have my voucher, can I get in line?

We will be begin lining up approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled photo op time. Please look at the monitor, near the photo op entrance, to see which line you will join.  We suggest being in line 15 minutes before the start time.

*All start times are subject to change.

**There will be NO refunds for missed photo ops.


Who can be in the photo with me?

Each photo can have two adults and two children (10 and under).


Can I pose with the celebrity guest?

This is at the discretion of Celebrity Management. Absolutely no kissing! Please be respectful to the celebrity guests and the fans around you. If you choose to hug the guest, keep your hands above the waist and this will be your pose. Any other poses should be a printed picture or immediately available on your phone for demonstration. Not all guests will accommodate poses or props, please listen to staff for any limitations. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the forfeit of your photo op without a refund.




GLASSES: Unfortunately with glasses, they often glare and retakes are not possible. We suggest removing the glasses, if this is not possible, it is best to tilt the glasses down away from the lights for the best possible picture.


BLINKS: Please immediately let a staff member know about any blinks in your photo. We will take you back in the booth for a retake.


Where do I pickup my photo?

Follow the tape on the floor to the printers and pick up your photo with minimal wait time. Visit [COMING SOON] for your digital copy to share with no glare! Additional prints are available onsite for $15.00.


How do I get a refund?

Tickets are refundable until the Monday before the event at noon eastern. To request a refund, send an email to: There will be no refunds for missed photo ops. In the event a guest cancels, all photo ops will automatically be refunded.


My question wasn’t answered here, is there someone I can contact?

Please email for any general inquiries that aren’t answered here. You may also visit the event website for more information regarding the event at: or